Vietnam Family Tours: Top Reasons to Visit Vietnam with Kids

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With a vast scenic landscape getting along with diversified culture stretching from the North to the South, Vietnam is an attractive country that is well worth exploring especially for Family Tours. Vietnam is also known as a sheltered stop for a journey with the whole family due to its safe and hospitable living environment. Ready for a large offer for local experiences, Vietnam never fails to surprise any travellers choosing this beautiful S-shaped country as their destination in their family trip to Southeast Asia. Here are 6 main reasons why you'd better travel with your kids in your family journey to Vietnam:

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1. Vietnam – Safe living environment and welcoming country

Anyone deciding to set off a trip abroad with their kids will always carefully consider how safe it is in these countries. As common sense, they do care about the safety of themselves and their kids as well. And it is reasonable to know about a country’s background before travelling there, especially travel with kids. With a developing tourism industry, Vietnam is a place where is the combination between traditional and contemporary, local and international lifestyle. Also, Vietnam is a stable country to politics, economics, society and famous for friendly and warm-hearted people. Thus your family will feel like your home once you’re in Vietnam. 

                                          Hanoi Cyclo Tours

The main labour in Vietnam nowadays is young people. They are open-minded, knowledgeable, Westernized and very eager to help and make friends. Also, Vietnamese people regardless of age or gender always adore the children, don’t be much surprised if someone asks you to take some photos with your kids. If you’re considering healthiness issues, besides your own preparation, the innovation of the health-care system in Vietnam by now, especially in main cities is the reassurance for your family. Don’t be much worried, your family will be well-treated in safe by hospitability in Vietnam.

Vietnam People

2. Enchanting Culture Engagement

There are always many other incredible things all around the world. Travelling to other countries with a different cultural background is a truly awe-inspiring voyage. And it’s true when you visit an Asian country like Vietnam. Your family will have great memories together during the trip to Vietnam when experiencing numerous lessons about a new culture as well as its local history. Your kids will have a chance to know more about Asian culture, especially Buddism by visiting iconic pagodas or sacred places in Hanoi, Hue or Ho Chi Minh City. Museums or historical sites in main cities are ideal places for your kids to learn about Vietnam overview as well as the nation’s history like Hue Imperial City, Cu Chi Tunnels, Hoa Lo Prison, Vietnam Museum of Ethology or Vietnamese Women’s Museum, War museums, etc.

                                          Hue Vietnam

As a part of Asian society, the Vietnamese culture is deeply based on family values. Hence traditional festivals in Vietnam like Lunar New Year Eve, Mid-Autumn Festival are wonderful times for you and kids to enjoy the happy and cosy ambience as well as learn about the family culture here. Vietnamese kids are always taught to look up to the elder and loving the younger, it’s also a good manner in the daily life that you can teach your children. You definitely can take your kids to watch several cultural shows such as water puppet shows, traditional dances of ethnic minorities, or just simply take part in folk games and play with Vietnamese kids in walking streets. There are so many interesting cultural activities in Vietnam that your kids can join and explore along with you.

If you travel to Vietnam with your children and expect to have many experiences interacting with locals, to some aspects, you don’t need to bother too much whether they’re well-treated or not. As mentioning before, Vietnamese people love the kids and do care about them, thus in most activities, they are taken priority first. Plus, your kids are also a great topic of conservation with Vietnamese locals, especially if they’re doing something cute or funny. They are even more easily interactive to new things than you expected for sure. All the things that you and kids experienced are the most eye-opening lessons about the local culture, daily life as well as local people in a different country.

Vietnam Tours with kids

3. Fascinating Vietnam Active Family Activities 

If your family prefers an active journey, there are various activities at each destination throughout Vietnam which are suitable for your family, even for the little kids. Settle your seat and start to explore hustling and bustling Hanoi Old Quarter on entertaining cyclo tours. Let your mind freely immerse in the stunning mountainous beauty in Ninh Binh or rustic scenery of the countryside in Mekong Delta through enjoyable boating tours. Almost accommodations in Ninh Binh offer bicycles for free. Don’t hesitate to take a biking tour passing through lush green paddies in Tam Coc with your kids, or else, Mai Chau or Hoi An Ancient Town is also other enchanting destinations for biking and culture exploring activities. 

Ninh Binh Biking

If Halong Bay is one of the favourite destinations in your Vietnam Family Holidays, kayaking is an iconic experience that your family should not miss here. Just put on life-jacket and enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Heritage Site while paddling. You’d better let your kids sit at the front seat for easier control as well as safety assurance. If you’re interested in indigenous culture in remote mountainous areas, short hiking to tribal villages in Sapa, Mai Chau or Ha Giang is an outstanding experience that your family can have a quick look at the local life in Vietnam’s Highlands. Caving in Vietnam also offers a large offer for your family from easy to hard levels. The most common caving activities in Vietnam are included in Halong Bay Cruises packages or located in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park in Quang Binh Province. Besides exploring the hidden world inside these attractive caves, several outdoor activities such as zipline, kayak, swimming are also available in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park.

Halong Bay Cruise

Besides the above fascinating activities, the authentic life in Vietnam’s countryside is always the top-choice experience that almost any family expects to have in their Vietnam Tours. Your family will have a chance to become real locals with a trip joining daily floating markets in Mekong Deltatraditional classes with artisans by learning how to make specialities in craft villages or learn how to be a real farmer with funny water buffalo riding. There are not only remarkable memories of your Vietnam trip but also Asian cultural lessons for your family.

Vietnam Countryside

4. Everyone in your family will love Vietnam Cuisine

With a stunning culinary art, Vietnam is a paradise for any cuisine buff. Offering an abundance of fresh, fragrant and palate-pleasing flavours in each speciality stretching from the North to the South, your family will definitely fall in love with a wide range of local food here. From street vendors selling snacks or tropical fruits to common restaurants offering various kinds of local noodles or other street food and stylish restaurants with elegant design and décor, all these Vietnam food are the combination of taste, flavour, and talent crafted by Vietnamese people. Local food in Vietnam is well-known to be both healthy and easy to digest, hence it’s not troublesome to your kids when they try some new dishes here.

Vietnam Foodie Tour with Kids

There are many interesting activities that help your family explore cuisine culture in Vietnam. Street food tours are available in main tourist hubs such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Danang or Hoi An Ancient Town. Your family can also revise numerous volunteering tour guide organizations in these cities which are mainly groups of dynamic teenagers or young people to set up an enjoyable street food journey along with your kids. Besides, as Vietnamese food is great, traditional cooking classes are also a fascinating experience that your children can learn how to make several common Vietnamese dishes. Both you and kids, let’s try your hand at making a few and your family will be surprised at your delicious creations!

Vietnam Cooking Class

Even when your family would love to explore Vietnam Cuisine by yourselves, it’s also easy to find a great stop to try local specialties here. Be ready for awaiting to have a signature Vietnam Bread“Banh mi” – in Hoi An, a bowl of hot Pho or a hearty tray of Bun Cha in Hanoi, a delightsome plate of Com Tam (broken rice) or bowl of Hu Tieu in Saigon, or just stop by a random cafeteria and enjoy local Vietnamese Coffee. If any member in your family has special dietary requirements, just take note and staff will adjust ingredients to be suitable for your meal.

Vietnam Cuisine

5. Vietnam features some of the top best beaches in Southeast Asia

Possessing a long coastline, Vietnam has many beautiful beaches that are perfect places for your family to enjoy sun-sand-sea and take part in enthralling watersports. That couldn’t be better to relax than diving into cool blue water then enjoying the warm tropical sunlight. You can let the children freely play and build up sandcastles on the beaches while sunbathing. Remember to bring necessary belongings that are commonly used outdoors, especially for your kids as their skin is much more sensitive than adults. Top preferred beaches in Vietnam attracting many foreign tourists are mainly located in the South, where have longer sun hours as well as more temperate weather than the North such as Danang, Nha Trang, Mui Ne, and Phu Quoc Island

Vietnam Beach

6. An impression of timeless beauty

Want to have some lifetime photos of your whole family abroad? Vietnam is your place. There are countless enchanting places that your family could admire the charm of this beautiful S-shaped country such as exceptional mighty karst formation over the sea in Halong Bay, breathtaking landscapes in Ninh Binh, dramatic scenery of terraced fields and jaw-dropping mountain passes in remote mountainous areas, nostalgic and peaceful charm of ancient historical places in Hue or Hoi An Ancient Town, alluring white sandy beaches and secluded bays along the territory, and rustic picture of local life in the Mekong Delta. With the timeless beauty from the natural landscape to ancient architecture, Vietnam will never fall short of your expectations. 

                                          The North Vietnam

Halong Bay Vietnam


1. Unforgettable experiences

After each trip, what any tourist expects to get is memorable experiences in destinations that they ever set foot regardless of age or generation. After a wonderful voyage abroad to Vietnam, little tourists in your family had time to explore a different country with parents. It is not bothersome where you go, what is important is who you will go with and what you’ve had together. Travelling with dearest members in your family is surely one of the most precious moments in your whole lifetime.   

Halong Bay with Kids

2. Gain an insight into the culture & customs

Kids are always sensitive to new things. Thus travelling to an Asian country with a different culture, climate, and lifestyle like Vietnam and directly experiencing the local life here, to your kids, is much more realistic than any book or documentary. Not only yourselves but also the children will get a close insight into indigenous culture through traditional values, festivals, and daily life.

Vietnam Family Tours with Kids

3. Eye-opening lessons about they’ve learned after each experience

Each culture has similar as well as different features. And there always have incredible things that we can learn from each other. Through visiting historical sites and interaction with locals in Vietnam, your family will know about not only our history, culture but also the great personalities of friendly people here. Your kids, through these experiences, will also learn about sharing, sympathy, solidarity, family values, etc. More importantly, what you’ve got after the trip is the close-knit relationship amongst members of your whole family.

Activities in Vietnam Tours for Kids

Vietnam always welcomes all people around the world to come and explore the timeless beauty here. With friendly and hospitable hearts, Vietnamese people expect any experience in this beautiful S-shaped country will be one of the most incredible things that tourists ever had in their lifetime. Well-known to be a safe country for travelling, you can choose Vietnam as a destination for your family trip. For your reference, check out our list for the most appropriate Vietnam Family Tours which are meticulously designed for families travelling with kids. Feel free to contact our INSIDE TRAVEL Expert Team to get the best tailor-made Vietnam Tours for your family.

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