Top 6 Best Vietnam Family Tours in 2022 - 2023

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As a safe and welcoming country, Vietnam is a promising destination in Asia for a wonderful Family Holiday. Here is the list for top 6 Best Vietnam Family Tours that are tailor-made with incredible opportunities for natural and cultural discovery to fit people of all ages. If you’re planning to travel Vietnam with family, suggested itineraries below might be great guidance for your travel plan in this beautiful S-shaped country.

1. Vietnam Fantastic Family Tour (14 days)

Traversing the most highlights of Vietnam destinations from the South to the North, the tour comprises numerous exciting experiences that awaken your kids’ interest all times. Each day during the tour is a great memory for your family when all members could join together in cultural, historical discoveries and fascinating outdoor activities. 

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Best Vietnam Family Tours

Best local experiences in the Vietnam Fantastic Family Tour:

Explore Vietnam’s liveliest city – Ho Chi Minh City

Your family will have a chance to get a quick look at Ho Chi Minh City in many aspects such as local life, cuisine, culture, and history through Vespa Motorbike Tour and Cu Chi Tunnels visit.

Experience the rustic vibe in Mekong Delta

The countryside life in Mekong Delta owns its charm of rustic and unique vibe from the floating lives. Witnessing the local daily life here through regional workshops and the floating market visit will be joyful memories in your Vietnam Family Holiday

Stop by the Central to famous spots

The trip to Central is a blend of tradition and modernity experiences for your family for sure. Hoi An Ancient Town, Danang City with Golden Bridge, and Hue Imperial City are three renowned destinations in Central Vietnam that could attract your kids' interest with various recreations and history lessons.

Enjoy cruise experience in UNESCO Heritage Site – Halong Bay

As a must for every Vietnam travel’s bucket list, Halong Bay is a should-not-miss part of your family trip to Vietnam. Besides offering sightseeing, Halong Bay Cruise package also includes many other leisure activities that help your family explore this spectacular natural site in depth.  

Get an overview of Vietnam through the highlights in Capital Hanoi

Through the old ages to recent days, Hanoi captured almost significant parts to show the people from all over the world about the country’s development process. It would be en eye-opening lessons of history and culture for your kids when joining a Hanoi city tour with you.

2. Amazing Vietnam Family Experience (12 days)

Focusing on leisure time for your family, this Vietnam tour is a combination of relaxing and no rush in discoveries at each stop during the itinerary. You and your kids will have time to enjoy together with inviting local experiences that help your family not only explore the natural beauties but also get an insight into Vietnam’s culture.  

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Vietnam Family Tours

Best local experiences in the Amazing Vietnam Family Experience Tour:

Get a deep immersion in scenic Halong Bay

With a package of 3 days 2 nights on Halong Bay Cruise, your family will go further to the off-the-beaten-track amid the Heritage Site. Contemplating the less touristy landscapes as well as exploring the bay in depth would be a trip of a lifetime of your family.

Enjoy sun-sand-sea in one of the most beautiful bays in the world – Nha Trang

With over 3 days in Nha Trang, your family not only have time to explore this beautiful bay with attractive islands and colourful marine life but also opt to relax on the alluring sandy beaches here. Spending the leisure time wandering around the coastal city along with other members of your family is not a bad idea. 

Take the real local experiences in Mekong Delta

With a short trip to the land of rustic ambience, Mekong Delta, your family will visit the most highlight spots with exciting activities that are familiar parts of the daily life here. Through the excursion to Mekong Delta, each of you had a great time to explore Vietnam’s countryside: slow-paced, simple, and idyllic. 

Tour in the two biggest metropolises in Vietnam

The city tours designed in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City will help your family have a quick look at each city through outstanding cultural and historical sites. One tourist hub is in the North and the other is located in the South, each city is a distinctive experience during your Vietnam Family Tour.

3. Best Vietnam Family Tour (11 days)

11 days on the tour will lead your family to experience the best of what Vietnam offers. You and the kids could enjoy together the wonderful trip to Vietnam with a variety of family activities in different stops throughout the country. We do believe that anything that you get during the tour would be one of the most remarkable memories with your beloved.

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Vietnam travel with kids

Best local experiences in the Best Vietnam Family Tour:

Discover all about Hoi An Ancient Town

As a charming and romantic old town, all members of your family will get opportunities to explore Hoi An with numerous experiences in both the town’s centre and suburb. Visiting these spots not only offers a close insight into the local life but also brings to your family entertaining moments with the kids. 

Get eye-opening lessons about Vietnam’s history

Through city tours in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City along with a short excursion to the ancient citadel in Ninh Binh, the tour delivers an overview of Vietnam’s history to the people of all generations. 

Admire the natural beauty of Halong Bay and Ninh Binh 

If cruise experience in Halong Bay is a remarkable overnight trip amid the breathtaking landscape over the sea, a rowed boat ride in Trang An Complex is a great time for your family to admire the beauty of Halong Bay on land. Each Heritage Site owns its charm of different karst formation that never makes you stop surprising for sure.

Join a Mekong Delta tour for the authentic experiences

Mekong Delta is always an engaging destination where tourists could purely feel the rustic ambience in Vietnam. With the day trip to the land of floating lives, your family could join numerous experiences that help each member have a closer touch to the local life here. 

4. Glorious Vietnam Family Tour (15 days)

A colourful Vietnam will be captured in your eye view through 15 days being with your kids. Your family will have a chance to witness many different beauties of the country’s culture, people, and nature.  All you need to do is getting ready for a memorable family tour to Vietnam.

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Vietnam Family Holiday

Best local experiences in the Glorious Vietnam Family Tour:

Exploring Northern Vietnam from remote mountainous areas to the superb seascapes

Starting from Hanoi, the sedate capital of Vietnam with the history and cultural richness, your family will get a hideaway to Sapa, where places the roof of the Indochina with the distinctive beauty of terraced fields and ethnic minorities with local lifestyle and customs. Enjoying a leisure Halong Bay Cruise trip afterwards will fulfil your family’s experiences in the North. 

Visit the enchanting Hoi An Ancient Town in the Central 

Situated in the Central, Hoi An owns its charm of a romantic riverside town with picturesque mango-colour streets, idyllic suburb surrounding, and warm-hearted locals. Numerous fantastic activities here surely delivers pleasure time for your family to enjoy the family trip together. 

Drop by the South with the blend of the modernity and the rustic atmosphere

Besides exploring the vibrant and busy lifestyle of Ho Chi Minh City through a half-day city tour and motorbike foodie tour by night, your family will get opportunities to visit the rural land where is famous for the floating lives, Mekong Delta. Experiences in two different places with separate ambiences are probably the Vietnam discoveries in-depth to each of you.

Save the best for last – relaxation on the beautiful beaches of Phu Quoc Island

After traversing throughout Vietnam’s territory, it’s time for your family to get refreshment with the sea. Sunbathing on alluring sandy beaches, diving into the cool turquoise water, contemplating the glorious sunset or spending time joining various watersports in Phu Quoc are surely the unforgettable family times before you say goodbye to this beautiful S-shaped country.

5. Vietnam Cultural and Beach Family Holiday (14 days)

The tour is the combination of many activities that help your family explore the history, culture, and nature of Vietnam. Furthermore, the tour also spends refreshment time for you relaxing on Vietnam’s beautiful beaches with the kids. Let’s celebrate your family time during your Vietnam Holiday through local experiences with so much fun.

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Family Tours in Vietnam

Best local experiences in the Vietnam Cultural and Beach Family Holiday Tour:

Explore Vietnam culture through many experiences in different stops

From the rural villages to the modern cities and historical sites to traditional shows, each is a part of Vietnam’s cultural beauty. Hence the trip traversing through famous destinations will help your family could discover Vietnam’s timeless beauty in depth. 

Enjoy Vietnam Beach Family Holiday in Phu Quoc Island

Known as the tropical paradise for beach lovers, Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam’s biggest island, is a wonderful stop for a family vacation with exciting outdoor activities. Heading to the island, your family will have a great time being together for relaxation and refreshment.

Visit famous Vietnam’s UNESCO Heritage Sites 

Vietnam’s Heritage Sites are worth your visit when travelling to Vietnam. Amazing cruise excursion in Halong Bay, leisure boat-ride in Trang An Complex, and inviting local experiences in Hoi An Ancient Town in the tour are all wonderful moments that your family can gain an insight into Vietnam’s nature and people. 

Experience the rustic ambience of the Mekong Delta

This a totally different land from your home country where possesses the idyllic beauty of the floating lives. Not flashy as the urban areas, your family will have a chance to immerse in the exotic countryside of the Mekong Delta through exciting local experiences.

6. Cheerful Family Tour in Vietnam (12 days)

Are you looking for a family holiday in Vietnam with cheerful moments being with your kids? This tour is for you. Comprising many different local experiences will full of recreations, relaxations, adventures but not lacking the interesting lessons about Vietnam’s history and culture, 12 days in the Vietnam trip will fulfil your family’s expectation for a memorable holiday with so much fun.

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Family Travel in Vietnam

Best local experiences in the Cheerful Family Tour in Vietnam:

Amazing Metropolises discoveries in Vietnam 

Through the city tours leading your family to the most outstanding spots, each of you will catch an overview of the country’s history. Furthermore, a funny cyclo ride along the Hanoi Old Quarter or a great trip to the legendary Cu Chi Tunnels is also a fantastic experience for your kids.  

Let your kid freely enjoy the amusement world in Ba Na Hills

Well-known to be an emerging stop in the Central with notable Golden Bridge, Ba Na Hills is also an amusement paradise for the kids with an indoor theme park and other outdoor activities. Surrounded by the stunning scenery, Ba Na Hills is also an ideal place for nice photos of your entire family.

Try some outdoor activities in Vietnam along with your kids

From relaxing moments inside your kayak amid Halong Bay – UNESCO Heritage Site to exhilarating adventures in Mui Ne’s beautiful sand dunes, each will awaken your kids’ interest for sure. Entertaining basket boat ride in the water coconut forest or biking tour in Hoi An Ancient Town’s suburb is also a great experience that the tour delivers to your family.

Together explore Vietnam’s regional culture

In Vietnam, your family can witness different cultural features in different destinations. The locals have created their distinctive lifestyle that adapted to each regional living environment. Hence you and the kids will experience various local beauties in each stop throughout the country. 

Get the leisure time onboard or on the beach

Besides joining numerous activities within 12 days of the tour, spending a part of the trip as refreshment times might be your wish. Halong Bay Cruise and the trip to Mui Ne is the time for your family to relax with the sea and the stunning seascape.  
There is nothing could be better than travelling with your beloved. With the above recommendations, we do believe that these itineraries would be somehow useful to your family before planning to visit Vietnam. In case you need any further help for a tailor-made Vietnam Family Tours, our INSIDE TRAVEL Expert Team is here more than ready to hear your inquiries for the most appropriate Vietnam Tours to all members of your family. 
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