Overview about tourist attractions in Vietnam

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Though many westerners still visualize Vietnam throughout the lens of war, this country, in fact, is a place full of charming natural attractions and peaceful local life. Far from being confounded, its nature prolongs to surrender new species and group with striking wildlife.

The enormous range of islands and beaches here are among the finest in the whole of Southeast Asia. And its culinary is truly probably the most appetizing you have ever found.

Beach Vietnam

Provided that this is your initial travel to Vietnam, or you are thinking of going to this beautiful country, it is hoped that the following suggestions may help you make a plan of where to go sightseeing and what tourist attractions should not be missed in any best Vietnam Tour.        

My Son

Places of interest in Vietnam can be divided into three main types: historical sites, cultural highlights and scenic things to see.

1. Historical sites in Vietnam

Throughout its lengthy and rich history for thousands of years, Vietnam seems to be on the struggle against invasion for all time. Despite the fact that being subdued to serious violence and war, an abundant of sights witnessing the vicissitudes of the country still stand firmly until today throughout ages.

They can be found in anywhere all the way through the country and nearly all of them are open to tourists. To name a few famed sights from North to South:

Dien Bien Phu: A stillness valley in the North West of Vietnam where the French were defeated in 1954 signalling the end of French influence in Indochina.

Dien Bien Phu

Hoa Lo prison: Located in Hanoi and built by the French in order to hold Vietnamese revolutionists, and later was also used by the Vietnamese to hold captured American pilots.

Hoa Lo Prison

Ho Chi Minh mausoleum and Ba Dinh square: A large memorial place in Hanoi where Vietnam’s celebrated leader – Ho Chi Minh. Uncle Ho’s body is today still kept here for visitors coming to forfeit their respect at the mausoleum every day.

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

Quang Tri: The demilitarized zone draws its root back to the sad time of war when the S-shaped country was separated by the Ben Hai River. Pay a trip to Vinh Moc tunnel, Truong Son cemetery, etc. since they can be easily reached and worth your time.

Quang Tri

Hue: This is the last ancient feudal capital of Vietnam. With ancient looks and well-preserved architectures of prohibited walls, palaces and splendid royal tombs, Hue is a must-see if you are a history enthusiast.

Hue Vietnam

Hoi An: Deserving of its position as a World Culture Heritage, this used to be the most important international seaport and trading centre in the past.

Hoi An Town

Cu Chi tunnels: An incredible tunnel networks constructed during both the French and American wars which have become a legendary history of Vietnam and up to now.

Cu Chi Tunnel

2. Cultural sites in Vietnam

If you are an enthusiast of culture, you will be mesmerized by all the monuments, temples located throughout the country. Or if you're hooked on the charms of an uncomplicated life, you will love Vietnam’s way of life counting hill tribes and farmers in the North as well as the fishermen in the Central and South of the country.

                                          One Pillar Pagoda

For a long time of history, Buddhism was and still is the most popular religion. Some renowned pagodas have stylish architecture and decorations where receive millions of visitors each year, such as One pillar pagoda - Hanoi, Perfume Pagoda - Ha Tay, Thien Mu Pagoda - Hue…

Thien Mu Pagoda

Besides Buddhism, after Roman Catholicism entered Vietnam in the 16th century, many churches had been built. Phat Diem Church in Ninh Binh is one of the most famed churches which was made from stone and wood, resembles an archetypal Catholic church, melodiously combining Eastern and Western structural design.

Phat Diem Ninh Binh

More to the point, visiting the local people also should not be missed. As one cannot claim that he has known a culture until he understands and sees the lifestyles of the natives. Take a joyful stroll around the bustling city streets, watch farmers growing rice in the fields, buy fruits from street vendors and eat the delicious meals cooked by the people.

Homestay Vietnam

Homestay tour is not a bad choice to get much closer to Vietnamese people. Sapa, Mai Chau may be the best places for your homestay.

3. Natural sites in Vietnam

From North to South, Vietnam has plenty of diverse landscapes and beautiful scenery with a favourable climate. Vietnam’s coastline hosts various beautiful beaches: such as Cat Ba, Nha Trang, Da Nang, Mui Ne. Beaches here are still mostly unspoiled and unsurprisingly gorgeous. Halong Bay, with a range of striking limestone karst and emerald crystal water, is a must-see as well.

Halong Bay

Sapa in the northern mountainous area and Dalat down south have a wonderfully cool climate. These are a fantastic hide-out from normal hot and an amusing chance to discover the fascinating views.

Mekong Delta Vietnam

In addition, the Mekong Delta with vast land, tropical forests and crisscrossing waterways offers different kinds of adventure for all tourists.

No visit to Vietnam would be completed without taking in some of these amazing attractions. Check our best Vietnam Tours which are carefully designed by Inside Travel Experts or contact us for inquiries. 

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