Best tailor-made clothes in Hoi An to visit for Vietnam Tours

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Amongst attractive destinations throughout Vietnam, Hoi An Ancient Town must be one of the most preferred stops. Hoi An allures tourists by not only picturesque ancient architecture, enchanting ambiance but also incredible experience with custom-made clothes from local tailors. With countless tailor shops along the streets nowadays, it’s not easy to find good ones to get your bespoke clothes. Here is the necessary guidance as well as recommended tailor shops for the most appropriate custom-made outfit for your family.

best tailor shops in Hoi An

What type of clothes you can get custom-made in Hoi An, Vietnam?

In general, you can get almost any item of tailored clothing in Hoi An. Depending on using purpose, the two most common types of garment you can easily get made here is casual and formal items.

Casual Clothes Made in Hoi An, Vietnam

Tailored casual clothes in Hoi An is pretty easy to get made for every gender and generation. You can revise and select several common items for yourself such as dresses, skirts, T-shirts, sweaters, shorts or pants, etc. Diverse in colours, materials, designs, and styles, casual wearings are easily customized in Hoi An for both adults and kids with incredible speed in processing. Thus you should not miss getting some pieces only in the world for you and other members in Hoi An during your Vietnam Family Tours

tailored dress in Hoi An

Formal Wear Made in Hoi An, Vietnam

For menswear, suits and shirts are the bread and butter of most Hoi An tailor shops. With a large offer of fabrics, colors, and style, men can easily get custom made suits with reasonable prices compared to tailored shops in their home country but still get top quality in materials.
tailored suit in Hoi An

For women, top-choice tailored formal items could be blouses, jumpsuits and cocktail dresses. In bigger tailor shops, they even offer tailored evening gowns, ball gowns or wedding dresses. You can also order a women suit made for business purposes if you want. Skilled tailors in Hoi An know how to get the best style fitting to you.

custom made dress in Hoi An

For kids, parents can definitely ask some measurements and get formal garments made for their children. With a variety of materials and colors, you can choose the most appropriate one or let kids freely choose their favorite types. Whatever kinds of bespoke clothes you want, it’s not easy to decide which style you’d have. You’d better bring a photo of your expected items for easier designing processes with tailors.

tailored clothes for family in Hoi An

Tips to choose the best & suitable tailors in Hoi An, Vietnam

Know exactly what you’d like to get

Getting tailor-made clothes in Hoi An can be overwhelming because the wearing options are endless here. You will get confused about which style you should choose, which color and type of wool fitting your outfit most, etc. Therefore, you should get ready with some necessary preparation before deciding to get custom made clothes rather than randomly stop by any tailor shops in Hoi An.
To decide what type of clothes you want to get in Hoi An, ask yourself these questions: 

** Think about the past, what pieces of clothing have you had trouble shopping for? 
Anyone of us must have got troubled while shopping at least once in the past. You come across lovely dresses but they are too big/tight with your body, or the pants are always fitted at your thigh but too tight at the waist, etc. If you do like to wear a specific piece of garments but have difficulty finding fitting items with your shape, you can have some custom made particularly for you only in Hoi An at reasonable prices.

Tailoring in Hoi An

** Which are your favorite styles and which suit you best?
First, revise several of your favorite styles, whichever you love: girly, sporty, sexy, elegant, formal, vibrant, simple, or bohemian, etc. It could be a stylish suit, an attractive jacket, a normal dress, a skirt & a T-shirt or simply a maxi dress with a jacket, as long as you do want to have your own tailored clothes with that style. Then you’d rather look for designs that are exact or almost similar to your expectations. If you ever met some pieces that you think their style suit you but the sizes are not fitting with you, you can take pictures of these items or draw them as well. Your photos/ sketches would help you to easily describe what you want to the tailors afterward. Hoi An’s local tailors are master copiers, they’ll make a near-identical outfit as your expected design.

tailoring process in Hoi An

** How do you want your custom made clothes would be?
This is the thing you’d better consider before heading to any tailored store to avoid not being overwhelmed by endless options and styles there. Simply picking a casual design would be easier than choosing a suitable formal wear design. Nevertheless, generally, you should visualize your desired clothes in your mind in advance. As the tailored clothes are made for you only, you are the one deciding how your outfit would be while wearing. For example, do you want to have impeccable fit clothes or comfortable clothes? A slim fit or a classic fit? Details are also important parts of the outfit, thus you should think about several suitable materials, appropriate colors and patterns, and expected details on your garments such as the number of buttons, design of pocket, collar style, etc.

Hoi An Tailors

Get an overview of the fabrics and tailoring process.

If you’re a newbie to fabric selection for tailor-made clothes, first, search on the internet for some necessary information such as fabric classification, matching material with the body, suitable color or pattern to appearance, etc. 

* Material:
Refer appropriate materials with your desired clothes. For example, with a suit, you’d better choose outside materials that are wrinkle-limited and retain warmth and their structure well such as wool, cashmere, velvet, etc. For fabric-lined inside you can freely choose from silk, satin, etc that are soft and comfortable. With casual clothes in summer, fabrics that are breathable and lightweight like linen, cotton, satin or silk, etc would be preferred choices. Whereas, to make a gorgeous cocktail or wedding dress, added materials such as chiffon, organza, crepe, etc is lovely selections to any lady. If you’re worried about the quality of the fabrics in-store, you can refer several tips for testing their texture directly before deciding to choose these materials or not.

fabrics in Hoi An

* Color and texture:
Everyone has favorite colors, but your favorite may not be the best one for your clothes. Depending on skin tone, there will be a group of colors that makes you look your best. Wearing the right colors will help you shine, make you confident and look fantastic. Thus you should determine colors that go well with your skin tone. You can also create general imagination about color fitting with your shape, like darker colors could make you appear smaller whilst bright colors make you look pretty larger. Fabric texture also creates noticeable effects on your clothes form while wearing. Choosing and coordinating the right colors and textures together will make a huge difference between a stunning outfit and an unappealing one. If you’re still confusing which one suits you best, tailors will show you, don’t worry!

fabric selection for tailored clothes in Hoi An

* Pattern:
Patterns sometimes will help your outfit look more attractive. You can take advantage of common senses about pattern selection, like small or stripe pattern, or plain dark fabrics will fit with a round or big shape, while vibrant or big patterns suit slim or small persons, etc.

detail selection for tailored clothes in Hoi An

If you’re also new to tailoring, the staff will assist you throughout the process. First, they will give you a brief intro and an overview of what they offer in-store. You may show them your expected designs or you could take time to revise their catalog for finding the style you want. Then they will give you recommendations as well as modifications for the details of the designs to look better with your body. Also, they will assist to choose suitable materials for your clothes, which could be on two or three kinds of different fabrics. After picking the right types of fabrics for your design, you will be collected details through body measurements from the staff. Depending on each kind of clothes, they will use the tailor tape to measure necessary details such as your neck, chest, waist, seat, wrist, arm/ leg length, or shoulder width, etc. The time to finish bespoke clothing in Hoi An, depending on how much detail the outfit has, will be varied from a couple of days or more. You will need several turnaround times to the shop afterward for clothes fitting and alterations until it suits your best.

body measurements for tailored clothes in Hoi An

Identify your expected budget, take your time to make a shortlist of some tailor shops in Hoi An Ancient Town

If you are an outgoing customer, don’t have much interest in complicated details or fancy designs, and have a tight budget, you will probably be pleased with any mid-range tailor shops in Hoi An. In case you are picky customers and do appreciate the quality of materials as well as high-end expertise and service, reputable tailor shops are your choice. As there are hundreds of shops in Hoi An, tailoring is a fierce competition amongst stores here. And deciding which one to go is already a very tough work. Most visitors could tend to focus on the prices as well as promotions rather than quality and workmanship. However, there are different levels of tailors in Hoi An, with prices corresponding to those levels. In some aspects, their prices prove their authentic quality. Overall, the cost of service will be lower in Vietnam and so are bespoke clothes in Hoi An. Thus you will find it excited when you got several items of custom made garments at much cheaper prices than your home country.

custom made menswear in Hoi An

You can check our list of the best tailor shops in Hoi An as below or check any detail in their TripAdvisor links. TripAdvisor is a common travel forum all around the world so that you can revise factual experiences from customers as well as refer more about the tailoring process and customer satisfaction in each shop.

tips to choose the best tailor shops in Hoi An

Visit each store for more detail and let the staff help you during the process

After listing all expected tailor shops, you should spend time visiting to get your experience as well as directly witness the tailoring process of each store. In general, if you choose reliable shops in Hoi An for your custom made clothes, which are confirmed by many guests on TripAdvisor, you will be well-treated by staff at all stops. They’re very nice, knowledgable, attentive, and willing to listen to your requests. You’d better talk to them anything you’re confused about and decide to pick who you felt the most comfortable with. Besides sharing expectations for your custom made clothes, you will receive recommendations from tailors as well. The more you and the tailors discuss, the better your outfit will be, because it gained harmonious balance in the design from both sides.

getting tailored clothes in Hoi An

Prices are also an important part of any tailoring process. The rule of thumb for a great experience in Hoi An is that you will get what you pay for. However, a bargain is a noticeable thing that you should try. Even at the top-rated tailor shops, you can get a reasonable deal for a discount off the quoted price, especially if the store is offering promotions or you order several items custom made there.

prices of tailored clothes in Hoi An

Top Best Tailor Shops in Hoi An

Mr. Xe’s Tailor

Like many other common local stores, Mr. Xe's Tailor is a little tailor shop on Nguyen Thai Hoc Str. However, bespoke clothes here is regarded as one of the best value ever in Hoi An. It's owner, Mr. Xe, is one of the best local tailors here with exceptional expertise in his trade as well as the incredible superiority of his family-run business. With meticulous tailoring process and super nice service from Mr. Xe, having wardrobe items custom made here is highly recommended by many guests with great prices comparing with other renowned stores. 

Best tailor shops in Hoi An - Mr Xe Tailor

Opening hours: 8:30 – 20:00
Address: No. 71 Nguyen Thai Hoc Str, Hoi An Ancient Town ( Mr. Xe has two stores side by side, one has the detail address onboard and the other doesn't.)
Highlights: Mr. Xe's phenomenal workmanship, the store's guarantee for its products, lovely gifts if ordering many items here...

Ba Ri Tailor

With a modest space in little UNESCO Ancient Town, Ba Ri Tailor is regarded as one of the best tailor shops here. Not too flashy, Ba Ri Tailor owns its local ambiance with friendly tailors in simple white shirts. They are very skillful, enthusiastic and especially humorous so that almost any guests coming here will find it very happy with Ba Ri’s service besides the top quality custom-made clothes there.

Best tailor shops in Hoi An - Ba Ri Tailor

Opening hours: 9:00 – 21:00
Address: No. 30 Le Loi Str, Hoi An Ancient Town.
Best for Casual wear, work clothes.

Tuong Tailor

Tuong Tailor is run by a traditional family in custom-made clothes and shoe-making fields for three generations, which has been around 20 years of experience catering bespoke garments to guests in Hoi An. They pride themselves on not only long-lasting family-run business but also their product’s quality which is meticulously crafted by their skillful in-house tailors.

Best tailor shops in Hoi An - Tuong Tailor

Opening hours: 8:30 – 20:30
Address: No. 67 Tran Hung Dao Str, Hoi An Ancient Town.

A Dong Silk

Established in 1997, A Dong Silk is one of the most renowned bespoke clothes brands in Hoi An. As its name, A Dong Silk is a reliable tailor shop especially for silk products, which earned a global reputation. Offering professional service as well as an innovative tailoring process but still keeping traditional expertise, A Dong Silk is a trustworthy stop for custom-made garments here.

Best tailor shops in Hoi An - A Dong Silk

Opening hours: 8:00 – 21:30
Address: No. 62 & 91 Tran Hung Dao Str, and No. 40 Le Loi Str, Hoi An Ancient Town.
Best for: Formal wear, silk product.

Yaly Couture

Not only offering custom made clothes, but Yaly Couture also designs bespoke shoes and other leather products. With their well-trained in-house tailors, Yaly proudly provides tailoring experiences in Hoi An to the next level with luxury and professionalism. With the finest and the most extensive range of fabrics, Yaly is a must-stop destination for high-end custom tailoring service.

Best tailor shops in Hoi An - Yaly Couture

Opening hours: 8:00 – 21:30
Addresses: No. 47 Nguyen Thai Hoc Str, No. 47 Tran Phi Str, No. 358 Nguyen Duy Hieu Str, Hoi An Ancient Town. Each of them has its own TripAdvisor Link for reference.
Strength: up-to-date materials and styles, modern 3D scan equipment for body measurements.
Weakness: technically dependable, small details are off at times, higher prices on several kinds of fabrics.

Kimmy Custom Tailor

In Hoi An, Kimmy Tailor is one of the few tailor brands that actually produces in their own factory. The staff here includes both Vietnamese and Canadian which can easily interact and know your expectations best. Also, their brief intro at first and even a short tour to their factory afterward make any guest coming here feel very comfortable and reliable about Kimmy’s service as well as their bespoke products. 

Best tailor shops in Hoi An - Kimmy Tailor

Opening hours: 8:00 – 22:00
Address: No. 70 Tran Hung Dao Str, Hoi An Ancient Town.
Highlights: thorough process from the beginning till the end, knowledgeable and friendly staff.
** Other trustworthy tailor shops in Hoi An: Blue Eye Tailor, BeBe Tailor, etc. You can refer their information on the internet or customer’s review on TripAdvisor for more detail.

FAQs about Top Best Tailors in Hoi An

Q1: Can I get clothes made in Hoi An when the stores are closed?
A: You should take note opening-closing time of each store for a smooth visit, in case you visit earlier than opening time, if they’ve already ready for the work, you will be still greatly welcomed there. You can take time referring to their designs as well as fabrics first if needed.  
Q2: What is the quality of clothes tailored in Hoi An?
A: As mentioned before, there is a large offer of custom-made clothes in Hoi An for you to consider. Depending on the quality of the fabrics as well as the workmanship of each tailor, there will be differences amongst bespoke garments in Hoi An. However, if you pick renowned shops, you can be reassured about your tailored outfit’s quality.

how to get clothes tailored in Hoi An

Q3 How much will it cost to get clothes tailored?
A: The price will depend on where you go, what material you choose, and how many pieces you get (you might get discounts once the more you order). Skillful tailors and pricy materials would be expensive while mid-range tailors and cheaper fabrics will make more reasonable outfits.
Q4 How long does it take to get clothes tailored in Hoi An?
A: It will take from 2 days to 5 days to have a piece of the garment made. The more detail or the more alterations your clothes have, the longer it would be done. You’ll have several turnaround times back to the shops for quicker completion. In case you have no longer time in Hoi An, you can end up with final clothes fitting. After being done all the details as your request, they will send it to you by international shipping. 
Q5: How much does a suit cost in Hoi An, Vietnam?
A: A 3-piece suit tailored in Hoi An will cost from 90 USD for simple/ basic fabric, from 160 – 180 USD for moderate fabric and up to 250 - 280 USD for high-end fabric and complicated design in reputable shops. The cost will be decreased in mid-range tailor shops at around 80 – 120 USD per suit.

fabrics at tailor shops in Hoi An

Q6: How many hours will it take to make a suit in Hoi An?
A: It will take from 2 days to 4 days to have a suit done in Hoi An. The first day is the time for getting measured, the following days are for items fitting.
Q7: How much does a casual dress cost in Hoi An, Vietnam?
A: It will take around 20 – 40 USD for a dress tailored in Hoi An. You can also order other items of casual clothes here at cheaper prices depending on each item and material’s quality.
Q8: How many hours will it take to make a casual dress in Hoi An?
A: Since making casual clothes is pretty quick, it will take just around 2 days, even the longest might be 3 or 4 days to complete, including time for body measuring, fitting, and altering afterward. 
Q9: Can I make a new order of tailor-made clothes again while I’m not in Vietnam?
A: Almost renowned tailor shops in Hoi An will restore guest's measurements. If you would like to order new custom-made garments as your previous size while you’re not in Vietnam, you can work with them via emails. Your clothes will be available at your home through abroad shipping (with extra charge).

tailored clothes in Hoi An

With reasonable prices as well as warm-hearted and knowledgable tailors who always expect to craft the best bespoke outfit for your family, tailoring is a fascinating experience that you should have in Hoi An Ancient Town. Also, there are many other inviting activities that you should not miss in Hoi An as well as other attractive destinations in Vietnam. Make sure to check out our list for the best 10 Vietnam Tours for more reference before setting off Vietnam Family Holidays for your whole family.
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